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A macOS menu bar app that helps you give better presentations, online classes, or video tutorials by letting you annotate any screen, highlight your cursor, and more.


Draw everywhere

You can draw on or annotate any screen you wish. Simply select `Annotate` from the menu bar and start scribbling.


Draw anytime

You can draw even when other applications are running in full screen mode.

  • Annotate with different Shapes, Colors, and even Gradients. It now supports Texts too.
  • Perfect for emphasizing something specific or explaining your thoughts on video calls
Cursor Highlight

Highlight your mouse pointer

With Presentify you never have to keep moving your cursor to grab the attention of your audience.

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Cursor Highlight

Change your highlight color, opacity, size, and more

You can also choose to highlight only when you move your cursor. Lastly, these are just some of the features of Presentify. Visit the Mac App Store to know more.

Explaining your thoughts has never been easier

With the screen annotate and cursor highlight feature, take your presentations, online classes, video tutorials, etc. to the next level. See the upcoming additions to the app under the faq section.

Presentify is loved by users worldwide

"This elegantly designed app fills a great need, especially in these days of screen sharing on zoom, when you want to emphasize parts of a presentation as you speak. Ram Patra, the developer, was incredibly responsive and helpful when I had a question and quickly volunteered to produce a video explanation for others who might encounter the same issue. Highly recommended!"

James Sebenius - Harvard Business School

"Chatting with Ram was like app office hours. This is how all support should be. I've never downloaded an app and been able to chat directly with the developer for help. Really means a lot. Thanks again, Ram! I'm very excited to use this in teaching."

Christian Cardozo - MIT
A big thanks to all the supporters and their great feedback.
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Presentify got 230+ upvotes on Hacker News. The community came up with novel features for this app.

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Got 300+ upvotes on Reddit. Interesting discussions of Presentify on different subreddits.

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We are now featured on Product Hunt with 244 upvotes and counting!


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Helpful answers

Some of the questions we think you might have.

No, there are no in-app purchases. You pay a one-time fee only. After it is purchased, it is completely yours with all the features. Also, you would get lifetime updates for free.

The current price is the discounted price as we just launched. The price may slightly increase when more features are added. However, we do offer a 50% discount to businesses and educational institutions when they purchase 20 or more copies of the app through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager, respectively.

Yes, you can draw on your iPad. For this, you have to pair your iPad with your Macbook via Apple's Sidecar, Astropad, Duet, or other similar software.

Cut and move annotations, Touch Bar support, new Cursor Highlight styles, Zoom, Spotlight, and many more.

It runs on macOS 10.13 and later, i.e., macOS High Sierra or the versions released after.

You can directly reach the developer of Presentify by clicking on the support link at the bottom or reach out to Compzets.com through any of its social media accounts.

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